World’s peatiest malt released

Bruichladdich has produced what it claims is the world’s most heavily peated malt whisky.

Octomore is said to be three times more peaty than any whisky ever produced with a barley content peated to 131 parts per million.

By comparison, the third bottling of Bruichladdich’s cult PC7 Islay malt – also now being released – has barley peated to 40 parts per million.

Some 3,000 bottles of the 5-year-old Octomore were produced and bottled at 63.5% abv, with an expected retail price of £79 each.

There are 24,000 bottles in the latest batch of PC7, with six different tin designs featuring members of the Bruichladdich team responsible for making the whisky.

They are expected to sell for £61 each and are bottled at 61% abv.

Bruichladdich is also releasing two other small-scale bottlings: the four-times distilled X4, at 50% abv and a price of £39; and DNA, a bottling of near-empty casks from the 1960s and 1970s, aged in Chateau Le Pin barrels, with a retail price in the region of £400.