Tesco helps police deliver drink messages

Tesco stores in Scotland have joined forces with the police to place 15,000 neck-collars on bottles of wines and spirits, warning about the dangers of buying alcohol for minors, and of drink-driving.

Tayside Police have asked Tesco’s three branches in Angus to take part in the scheme.

Chief Superintendent Alan Campbell, divisional commander in Angus, said: “We are constantly looking for innovative ways to get important messages across to the public, and working with Tesco in this way is absolutely ideal.

“The key messages focus upon people buying alcohol for people under 18 years old and upon drink driving – issues that continue to cause problems in Angus.

“We are reminding people that buying alcohol for youngsters is not only irresponsible, it is also an offence that can attract a fine of up to £1,000.”

He added: “The overwhelming majority of people will not entertain even the thought of drinking at the Christmas party or night out and then driving home. But at a time of year when many people drink in greater quantities than they usually would, it is vitally important that people remember that they could still be under the influence the morning after and beyond.”