Store staff vent their anger over company’s collapse

First Quench staff reacted with understandable dismay at the administration and uncertainty about their futures.

One manager accused the former company of being “greedy”.

He said: “Everything was overpriced. How could it sell Champagne for £80 when you could get two bottles for the same price down the road? It should have closed all stores making less than £8,000 a week. It thought it could buy everyone else out, and lost sight of the fact that its job was just to buy and sell alcohol.”

Another drew attention to the infamous three-for-two promotional mechanic.

“We should all be given a window banner saying ‘buy two stores, get one free’,” he said. “Hopefully KPMG will do us good. Our district manager is keeping us informed and we have to send a package to KPMG with names of staff.

“The worrying thing with Christmas coming up is: ‘are we going to get any deliveries and are we going to sell everything?’ Our present board has bought us into this state, it needed getting rid of. It couldn’t organise a booze-up in a brewery.

The Christmas promotion is on Glenfiddich and we were sent three bottles.”

Another said he was worried about losing his home. “It doesn’t just affect me, it affects my family. We live above the shop; I’ve got to find somewhere else for us to live – with no guarantee of a job.

“People have been walking in saying: ‘Now you’ve gone into administration, what deals do you have?’ It’s just rubbing salt into the wounds. We feel we’ve been betrayed by a rabble of elves.”

Another added: “The way we feel, we just want to open the door and let people come in and take what they want.”