Diageo spirits take to the shopfloor

Diageo is rolling out a fresh campaign to help off-trade retailers capitalise on sales of spirits. Designed specifically for independent off-licences and convenience stores, it focuses on increasing product visibility by encouraging retailers to stock spirit bottles in other areas than behind the counter.

The Free Your Spirits campaign will see a £1.5 million investment in the distribution of free anti-theft kits, each consisting of 48 caps and one detacher.

It is part of a four-step plan to bring a range of spirits on to the shopfloor, alongside POS material. Diageo believes the campaign could help retailers boost spirits sales by up to 37%.

Paul Downing, channel director for route to market and convenience at Diageo GB, said: “Currently, buying spirits in a convenience store is often ‘inconvenient’ for the shopper. They are often behind the counter, difficult to see, browse and shop for.

“The free kits have been positively received and retailers are hugely impressed that there are genuinely no catches. We’ve only just launched and already have converted 574 stores, placing us ahead of target. We are looking to convert 3,000 stores by June next year and with the current level of response, we’re set for success.”?