Off-licence staff get free training from police

Off-licence staff from Oldham have been given free training by local police to help them crack down on sales to under-age customers.

Greater Manchester Police has already run similar courses for pub and club staff, jointly funded by the Home Office and SAB Miller.

Fourteen people took part in the course, which aims to make staff more aware of the legislation concerning under-age sales and serving people who are drunk. Following an exam each student was awarded a BII Level 1 qualification in responsible alcohol retailing.

Sergeant John Murdoch said: “We have had great feedback from people who have been on the course previously and it has made them more aware of all their responsibilities when serving alcohol.

“Anti-social behaviour is one of the main issues Oldham residents tell us about. These problems are sometimes caused by alcohol so it makes sense to educate our licensees and their staff about the consequences of selling to under-age teenagers. By working together with local businesses to tackle our community’s priority issues we can make Oldham a safer and more pleasant place to live and work.”

The course was attended by staff from The All In One Shop in Failsworth, The Weaver’s Answer, Shaw, and The Corner House.