Postcard campaign launches to end display ban

The Association of Convenience Stores has launched a nationwide retailer campaign to try and overturn the tobacco display ban.

The postcard campaign encourages retailers to lobby Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to end the legislation which would force retailers to cover their tobacco displays as the coalition government is currently discussing whether to revoke the legislation.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “The tobacco display ban is a policy which will significantly impact all local retailers.

“Businesses will be forced to pay significant sums to comply with the legislation which could cost the sector up to £40 million.

“While the primary justification for the display ban is to discourage youth smoking, there is strong evidence from countries that have already implemented the ban which shows that it does not impact on youth smoking rates.”

He said in opposition, both the Tories and the Liberal Democrats recognised this lack of evidence and supported retailers' calls to scrap the measure.

Postcards for retailers to send to the health secretary will be appearing in cash and carry depots across England from next week.

Retailers will also be able to download the materials from the ACS website.

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