Courvoisier VS is given a makeover

Maxxium UK is releasing new-look packaging for its Courvoisier VS Cognac as part of its autumn brands activity.

The packaging changes, which will be extended to other Courvoisier styles in 2011, include alterations to the shape of the label and the graphics. The new look is designed to have greater visual impact.

“These changes are important for consistency, to communicate quality and drive value into the category,” said Courvoisier marketing manager Janice McIntosh.

Other Maxxium activity will include sampling for Black Grouse whisky in 50 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. It follows similar activity in the summer at major train stations and in supermarkets, where consumers were given the chance to try it neat or with cola.

“The campaign is likely to convert a lot of blend and malt drinkers – who otherwise might not have had the chance to try it – to this smoky blend,” said Black Grouse brand manager Victoria Jackson.

Meanwhile, Maxxium’s Teacher’s whisky has been targeting golf fans after inviting 20 whisky enthusiasts to a whisky and golf day. They were given a masterclass and received packs of miniatures and flyers to host a tasting for up to 50 people at their own golf club.