Brews' hymn to patriotism

Wells & Young's has released two patriotic ales in the Bombardier range to celebrate St George's Day, both named after lines from the hymn Jerusalem - Burning Gold and Satanic Mills.

The launch comes in the wake of the brewer 's category management plan for premium bottled ales which revealed two gaps in its portfolio.

"We were strong in traditional beer but we didn't really have anything in the light golden or the strong dark sectors, so we decided to launch beers specifically into those two categories, which we had identified as the fastest-growing ," said managing director Nigel McNally.

"Bombardier is very closely associated with all things English. The names were really well received, as were the flavours," he added.

Wells & Young's is offering shoppers a "pint promise" of a full refund if they do not like the new brews.

The launch is being backed by a multi-million pound campaign promoting St George's Day (April 23). Among other initiatives the campaign has sponsored ITV1's Al Murray's Happy Hour, advertised on outdoor posters and gained press coverage.

Wells & Young's and Bombardier - "the drink of England" - are running a nationwide competition in which drinkers can win £1,000 by toasting England and St George at 10.45pm on April 23, in the most unusual or imaginative place they can think of. Find out more at