Flight bans are grounding drinks sales

Airport restrictions on liquids in hand luggage have hit business hard, specialist retailers have told OLN.

The rules, introduced last year, ban containers of liquid larger than 10cl , so travellers visiting the UK have been put off buying bottles of spirits because they don't want to put them in the hold.

Ian Bankier, chairman of the Whisky Shop, said the restrictions were causing a "massive problem" and the ban had been "just dumped on us without a single thought of what's it going to do to us".

He added: "It would be refreshing for the Home Secretary to give a press conference on this and say 'We have been thinking - the British public should take more risks. We are going to abandon all of this nonsense at airports and put money into intelligence instead'."

Mark Davidson, manager of Edinburgh-based whisky specialist Cadenhead's, said sales had been "significantly down" since the restrictions .

Malcolm Mullin, owner of London spirits specialist The Vintage House, said: " It was much more dramatic soon after the restrictions came in, but now we're more clued up and have sourced packaging so customers can take it in hold luggage."