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Is it ethical to partly pay my staff in wine - instead of a cash bonus, a case of something good?


I think you'll find the South Africans tried to get away with this for a while - it was called the dop system and was blamed for alcoholism and continued social deprivation among vineyard workers.

Quite apart from the ethics of the scheme you propose, the Revenue will have a keen interest, meaning tax ­complications for you and your team.

Reg, Notts


I reward my staff with the occasional mixed case of wine - but it's strictly unofficial and is essentially a "gift" rather than part of their wages.

I find it's appreciated, though I ­suspect some people who've worked for me would have rather had a cheque.

PL, Cheshire


A customer I've banned for persistent petty shoplifting and verbal abuse just won't go away. How can I keep him out?


Gather enough video evidence of the person's behaviour and then talk to the police.

Explain that he's a nuisance and ­preventing you from running your ­business properly.

There have been cases of people like this hauled before the magistrates and issued with fines and restraining orders.

Gavin, Warks


The traditional retail method of encouraging a customer to walk quietly out of a shop, empty handed, is to greet them the moment they walk in the door with an over-enthusiastic cry of: "Is there anything in particular you're looking for?"

That normally makes me run for cover when it happens to me .

Paul, Wimbledon


How come you can't make fizzy ice?

Dave, Wilts


There are a handful of Fairtrade wines on the market. Does that mean that the others are unfair? If so, to whom?

GK, Doncaster

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