In Brief

Trio of shops move to Nicolas

Castel converted three more Oddbins shops to the Nicolas fascia in August. The shops - in Southfields and Putney in London and Farnham, Hampshire - opened on August 3. Its shop in Western Road, Brighton, is also due to be converted to the Nicolas format. The rebranding programme will see 50 Oddbins shops converted to Nicolas by the end of next year.

Ban sees cigarette sales fall

Cigarette sales have fallen nearly 7 per cent since smoking bans were introduced in England and Wales, according to research released by Nielsen. Smokers bought 3 billion cigarettes in July, a drop of 6.9 per cent from the same period the previous year. Smoking in enclosed public spaces became illegal in Wales on April 2 and in England on July 1.

German wine correction

Water cannot be added to German wine, as was stated in What's Your Problem (Aug 10, page 17). "It is worth pointing out that European wine law and in particular German wine law is some of the strictest in the world and the enforcement of these rules is vital in order to guarantee quality and reliability to the consumer. All wine experts agree that Germany makes some of the finest wines on the planet and I would say that these strict laws play a part in that," said Wines of Germany director Nicky Forrest.