New Zealand Winegrowers has announced a strong performance of New Zealand wine in the UK market, with sales up by more than 23% in value in the off-trade.

The data, from a report commissioned by New Zealand Winegrowers in conjunction with Nielsen, shows that an additional 14.4 million bottles of New Zealand wine have been sold in the year to December 26, 2020, compared with the same period in 2019.

The total wine category has grown by £1.02 billion in the UK, with New Zealand wine contributing over 12% of this growth.

The average sale price of New Zealand wine has seen growth too, with an increase of 2.5%, from £7.24 to £7.42 per bottle which is significantly above the total market average price per bottle of £6.09.

Chris Stroud, New Zealand Winegrowers UK Market Manager said: “The past year has been tremendously difficult for all but despite this it is very pleasing to see the continuing popularity of New Zealand wine.

“It is particularly interesting to see growth across the whole New Zealand category with double digit growth in both reds and whites and significant growth for Rosé, which shows the UK are exploring the diversity New Zealand offers.

”We appreciate that much of this growth in take home is due to the UK on-trade having been virtually shuttered for much of the year, but we hope when we return to normal that this brings opportunities for the on-trade to take advantage of the popularity of New Zealand wine in this sector.”

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has been a large contributor to the strong wine category gains in the sector. The New Zealand wine category has grown by £125 million, of which New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has contributed 86%, at £108 million. This comes as no surprise as Sauvignon Blanc is New Zealand’s most exported variety.

Sauvignon Blanc is not the only variety experiencing exponential growth. The past 12 weeks have shown a 69% volume growth rise in Rosé in the UK, and the incredible surge in the popularity of Rosé shows this is a wine style that is now enjoyed by consumers all year round.

The New Zealand Winegrowers 2020 Annual Report shows Rosé is now the fourth largest New Zealand wine export, exporting 5.6 million litres globally last year. That is more than double the 2.4 million litres in 2017, and 10 times that of 2010, when New Zealand exported just 0.56 million litres of Rosé. 

New Zealand Winegrowers will be running the inaugural virtual New Zealand Wine Week from February 8 to 12, with a wide-ranging program including tastings, discussions, and online activities. There is a lot for everyone to discover in the programme of activities.