A product that claims to reduce hangovers and retailers’ overheads in one fell swoop by cleaning and rapidly aging spirits has been launched in the UK.

TerrePURE is likened to a dialysis machine and the inventors claim that in just a few hours it can turn ordinary spirits into purified, “ultra-premium” spirits that taste like they have been aged for years,

“These are some of the cleanest spirits that anyone can drink,” said Alasdair Coutts-Wood, commercial director at Terrepure, a UK subsidiary of South Carolina-based Terressentia.

“They have got a lot less of the bad and negative alcohols. We are taking negatives and turning them into positives.

“In a nutshell we can rapidly refine spirits.

“We take a triple distilled, grain neutral spirit from a credible source and put it through our machine.

“We put out a six-month-old bourbon that people mistake for an eight-year-old.”

Coutts-Wood said the machine’s uses “ultrasonic energy and oxidation” that is “scientifically proven” to reduce congeners such as methyl and amyl alcohols, propanol, isobutanol, which are said to contribute to hangovers.

He added that fatty acids are converted into glycerides, which enhances the mouth feel of the spirit.

“There’s less negative alcohol, it’s much smoother and it’s cost-effective. The burn is less in the back of the throat. People are going to wake up in the morning and not feel as bad,” he said.

When asked what master distillers and celebrated blenders would think of the product, Coutts-Wood was defiant.

He said: “Some may write it off as a fad or a gimmick, but there are some big names that have tried our products and have loved what we are doing.

“I don’t say this is better, I say this is more efficient. It’s a lot more cost-effective.

“The wood is put into the liquid in oak staves to get an element of the flavour you would get from barrel-aging.

“We are not going to get every single detail that 20 years in a barrel can, but we are getting rid of a lot more rubbish.”

The company does not have a branded product – it offers retailers the chance to sell own-label products.

“We are initially targeting the on-trade and people in the off-trade who have three or four stores that want to sell own-label spirits,” said Coutts-Wood.

“We would eventually be targeting Tesco and Sainsbury’s and so on.

“We offer a minimum of 100 six-bottle cases.

“Decent bourbons are going for £20 – I can offer one that’s less than £16.

“Bourbon and tequila will be sub-£16. Vodka, gin, rum and flavoured vodka will never be above £14.”

He estimates between 200,000 and 300,000 cases have been sold globally in the past five years.

“I believe our customers have won 40 medals in major competitions,” he added. 

“We are in Total Wine, a very large off-licence group in the States.

“Soon people in the UK will realise our product is cheaper, more efficient and cleaner than anything else out there.

“Rather than building a distillery that costs millions, I can put a few machines in a small room.

“We are like the Intel processor – you never see it but you know it’s there.”