Bottle shop Kill the Cat has announced plans to brew its own beers to serve on tap and hopes to open a second store next year.

The shop, which opened at the end of 2016 on London’s Brick Lane, has recorded month-on-month sales growth since launch, said owner Phil Curl.

He told DRN: “When we opened Christmas was right upon us, which in some ways was a good thing but it was almost too much, too soon. We expected a lull after Christmas but actually our sales have been growing each month.”

The team has added three taps since the store opened, with constantly changing beers available for customers on draught.

Curl plans to brew out of the shop then sell these beers on tap through the store.

“It’s something we can do during the quieter days at the start of the week, and we can also hold brewing sessions in the future.”

Curl said a second store is “a little way off but it is definitely on our radar”.“For now the main focus is this store and we want to get through a year of trading first,” he added. “This store is the format that works for a bottle shop but we might look to extend our next concept in other ways, so it would still look at curiosity but maybe we can branch out into other areas too, perhaps by factoring in a food offer.”