A new aluminium drinks bottling facility has been opened in the UK by the owner of soft drinks brand Gunna Drinks, with the aim to introduce aluminium packaging to the broader drinks industry.

Named The Sustainable Bottling Co, the factory opened on the back of a £1 million investment and is thought to be the first European aluminium bottling facility to offer its packaging services to drinks brands beyond water. 

Inspired by the booming aluminium packaging industry in the US, founder Melvin Jay will use the facilities to package Gunna’s products while also offering aluminium bottling to other drinks producers. The factory, which is situated near Leicester, will produce 33cl, 47cl and 75cl bottles.

Jay said The Sustainable Bottling Co looks to “offer the industry access to significantly more planet-friendly bottling”, adding: “We believe aluminium bottles are the future. We’ve put significant investment in place to bring this vision to life, and we know that sustainable packaging is something that brands, retailers and shoppers are all actively looking for. 

“There are far-reaching needs across the FMCG industry for aluminium bottling and we can’t wait to start fulfilling these and helping to reduce the drinks sec-tor’s reliance on harmful single use plastic bottles. The potential environmental ramifications here are huge and we’re excited to be able to make responsibly sourced and sustainable packaging more accessible.”