Nc’nean has launched an “experimental trio” of barrel-aged botanical spirits.

The Aged Botanical range – Nc’nean’s first ageing experiment – comprises three variants, each of which has been matured in three different casks to marry the flavours of wild herbs and botanicals with Bourbon, Vermouth and Mondino casks.

The Bourbon cask was chosen because this style of barrel houses what is to become much of Nc’nean’s whisky. Paired with Nc’nean’s Botanical Spirit it has created a spirit with a buttery finish, hints of sweet vanilla and warm spices typical of American oak.

The second expression sees the Botanical Spirit aged in vermouth barrels for 60 days, inspired by the classic martini combination of gin and vermouth. It is described as having a powerful nose with herbaceous aromas of tarragon, fenugreek, kummel and anise.

The Mondino variant was inspired by a favourite Nc’Nean cocktail ingredient, Mondino. The bitter German liqueur and Nc’nean’s Botanical Spirit come together in “perfect harmony” to display aromas of rhubarb, honey and oak.

Founder, Annabel Thomas, said: “The Aged Botanical story began with one simple question: ‘have you thought about ageing your Botanical Spirit?’ With more than 1,500 barrels of whisky ageing in our warehouses, it would seem obvious to try ageing it. Sometimes the question just needs to be asked. Inspired by classic cocktail ingredients that perfectly compliment the Botanical Spirit, the Aged Botanical range is a fresh take on traditional aged spirits.”

The Aged Botanical Spirit gift pack (3 x 20cl bottles) is available now, priced £50, from the distillery and via the producer’s online shop. 

Nc’nean’s first single malt whisky will be released in 2020.