Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) is supporting members of the UK wine trade affected by the Covid-19 crisis by donating £25 for every member of the trade who completes the free Napa Valley Rocks online course.

The class explores the unique soils, climate, history and wines of Napa Valley.

The money will be donated to The Drinks Trust (formerly The Benevolent), which is receiving unprecedented demand during these times.

The Drinks Trust has been supporting members of the drinks industry since 1886, offering support and services to help its community thrive, to upskill, to broaden their knowledge, to network and learn from one another.

It is also there to support them in challenging times, with wellbeing and financial assistance.

Rosemary Cakebread, proprietor of Gallica and chair of NVV’s international marketing committee, said: “London and the United Kingdom have long been a centre of great importance for wine producers, and a valued and supportive market for Napa Valley wines.

“In this challenging moment, it’s only right that Napa Valley chips in and supports our friends in the UK hospitality trade.”

NVV will donate up to £12,500. To help reach the goal, 500 members of the UK and Irish wine trade are needed to complete this activity.

NVV will also send a bottle of Napa Valley wine to each trade person who completes the course to enjoy. Those who receive bottles at home are encouraged to post on social media using #itsfromNapa, #NapaCares and #TheDrinksTrust.

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