Naked Wines is collaborating with Garcon Wines to offer a novel way to acquire new customers.

The initiative gives selected Naked Wines’ Angels the opportunity to gift a friend with a Garcon Wines flat wine bottle, filled with a Cabernet Sauvignon – a Carmenere blend from a Chilean winemaker – which has been specially selected by Naked Wines.

The collaboration also showcases Garcon Wines’ signature letterbox-friendly wine bottle and aims to highlight its unique qualities: namely that it is made in the UK from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, fully recyclable after use and it is “the most environmentally-friendly wine bottle available”, according to the company.

Naked Wines chief operating officer, Laura Rosenberger, said: “We are excited to partner with Garcon Wines. With Garcon’s letterbox-friendly bottles, we can now offer our customers a new way to send gifts and introduce their friends to Naked with a bottle direct to their doormat.”

Santiago Navarro, ceo and co-founder of Garcon Wines, said: “As the UK’s most successful wine club in the last decade and with this success having been fuelled by business model innovation, Naked Wines makes for the ideal partner with whom to further grow the adoption of our innovative Garçon Wines bottles in the UK. We are honoured to be supporting Naked in further building their UK customer base by introducing their delicious wines in our bottles to wine drinkers who do not yet buy from them.

“We believe this is the next step up from the immensely successful voucher campaigns they have run to date. We will also hopefully help grow the gifting side of their business through a seamless, quality offering. Furthermore, we feel that our eco wine bottles will make for a perfect fit with the caring, sustainability values of Naked Wines’ Angel community.”