Off-Piste’s Most Wanted Wines has launched its latest range, The Most Wanted Collective, in collaboration with five artists. 

The collection features Most Wanted Cabernet Sauvignon, Most Wanted Chardonnay, Most Wanted Malbec, Most Wanted Pinot Grigio and Most Wanted Shiraz. Each bottle label has been designed by one of five artists with the aim to “celebrate diversity and open up conversations around gender, race, accessibility and inclusivity”.

The artists who have created the labels are Jelly J, Nomad Clan, Dorcas Magbadelo, Chris Hawkes and Pete Obsolete. 

Rachel Archer, marketing director at Most Wanted Wines, said: “As a brand, we believe in inclusivity, celebrating identity and breaking down barriers within the wine and creative industries, which is what this campaign does. We are giving these artists a platform to freely tell their story on our labels – without labels.”

Each bottle will also feature a QR code, which will direct customers to a short film about the artists and the winemakers. The collection will be available from selected retailers as of February 2022.