Manchester-based beer, wine and spirit importer Morgenrot is looking to raise money for Alzheimer’s charities and causes in 2020 through a wide range of fundraising activities as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

Set up on the September 23, 1970, Morgenrot continues to be an independent, family-run importer with world beer brands such as Krombacher, Alhambra, Quilmes and Windhoek Lager supplemented by an eclectic selection of wine, sherry, vermouth and spirits.

The company is now run by Carl Plath, whose father Rudi set up and made a success of the company before being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2010. In recent months, Rudi was one of the first to contract and then beat the Covid-19 virus in the north of England.
In honour of Rudi, to celebrate his and the company’s achievements and to support the incredible people helping Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families in the north, especially over the last few months, the Morgenrot team will be running a series of charitable events, raffles and fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

The company kicked the campaign off in style at the BrewLDN event in February prior to lockdown with all the bar takings from the Cape Brewing Co, Craft Spain and vandeStreek stands being donated to the charity fund.

The £879 that was taken has already been donated to the Marple Dementia Drop In. The group provides support to Rudi, other sufferers and their families in the Manchester area.

Carl Plath, Morgenrot managing director, said: “Fifty years in business is a huge achievement so our plan was for 2020 to be all about thanking our team, suppliers, partners and making it a celebratory year to remember.

“As the roots of the company were planted and grown by my father though, we felt it was important that he was central to our thoughts and celebrations. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease which our family has seen close up so we’re delighted to pay tribute to my dad and his achievements, while at same time supporting the incredible people caring for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families in Manchester and the wider north.

“With the care sector being put under huge pressure in recent months by Covid-19, we’re hoping the money we can raise will be a huge help to some of the unsung care heroes on the front line.”