Bristol-based brewery Moor Beer has unveiled its first lager in collaboration with an acclaimed pils brewer.

SIMPils (Single Infusion Mash Pilsner) is a 5.5% abv lager which uses a rich floor malt that is mashed using the traditional British single infusion method. The classic German lagering and natural carbonation techniques are then carried out for an extended period. The beer was brewed and lagered for more than 10 weeks with the long process resulting in characteristics that Moor Beer says makes its beers admired by beer lovers: the beer is unfined, full flavored and naturally hazy.

To create the lager head brewer Justin Hawke worked with Agostino Arioli, who has been brewing lager for more than 20 years and is celebrated for creating the beer, Tipopils. The also organises the Pils Pride festival in Italy and the Pils & Love fest in the USA. The pair started brewing SIMPils in April this year at Moor Beer’s Bristol brewery.

Hawke said: “We are recognised for making a variety of exciting modern real ales and have been waiting a long time to expand our repertoire to create this lager. Throughout the years we have had a firm idea of how we wanted it to look and taste and we are very happy with the result as we believe it is a truly unique lager.

“We really wanted to combine a variety of different approaches to ensure it is distinctive and refreshing, but remaining true to what people love about Moor Beer. We took the best English and German techniques, combined with Agostino’s flair for crafting pils, and the time needed to make sure it was properly matured.

“The brewing team has been extensively sampling it straight from the tank whenever we get a chance. I hope there is enough left to package! SIMPils is certainly one of my most anticipated additions to the Moor Beer line up in years.

“It was fantastic experience to create SIMPils alongside Agostino. He is one of my favourite – and best – brewers of lager in the world. We brewed together last year in Italy, where we crafted a traditional English bitter, so we understand how each other likes to make beer and we have a great time doing it.”