Molson Coors Beverage Company has announced plans to invest £10 million in its Tadcaster brewery, in order to increase production capacity and efficiency, and reduce emissions.

The investment programme, scheduled to take place over the next two years, will increase the brewery’s capacity to produce beers including Carling, Coors, Madri Excepcional and Worthington’s, using “more advanced, energy-efficient equipment”.

The Tadcaster Tower Brewery counts around 100 employees in roles covering engineering, quality, warehousing, brewing and kegging, health and safety, support functions and site management.

Stephen Moore, brewery director, said: “Carbon dioxide is released during the beer fermentation process, but instead of entering the atmosphere, we will soon be able to recover and transfer carbon dioxide within the brewery before it’s purified and compressed into a liquid for storage.

“From there it will be turned back into gas to be used in the packaging process, where it will be injected into the fermented product, giving our beer its signature fizz. This will make us more self-sufficient and play an important part in reducing our emissions.”

Pictured L-R Fraser Thomson – operations director for Western Europe at Molson Coors, Keir Mather MP, and Stephen Moore