Möet & Chandon has revealed its latest innovation for the Champagne category, which it claims is the first ever Rosé Champagne to be served ‘on the rocks’.

Möet Ice Impérial Rosé NV is described as being “fresh and vibrant when served over ice and sure to be the drink of the summer season”. The first-of-its-kind Rosé has been created as the pink partner to the Blanc Ice Imperial NV, which was launched a few years ago.

The Rosé cuvee has similarly been blended by Chef de Cave Benoit Gouez, who used his expertise to retain the wine’s fruity richness and clean, crisp finish, even when served as a ‘piscine’ or how the the increasingly popular ‘Champagne on the rocks’ serve is known on the French Riviera.

“Ice Impérial Rosé consciously bends the ‘traditional’ rules of Champagne service and brings a completely innovative Champagne experience – something that is very much at the heart of our Now Campaign,” explained marketing director Arnaud de Sagines.  “Each of our cuvées has been created for a different moment, and now people can drink our Rosé Champagne ‘on the rocks’ in summer with the confidence that they are enjoying the true taste and experience of Moët & Chandon.”

The blend comprises 45 to 55% Pinot Noir, of which 10% is red wine; 35 to 45% Meunier (of which 10% is red wine, and 5 to 10% Chardonnay, to provide a “polished acidity and refreshing finish”.

Möet Ice Impérial Rosé NV is available to buy via selected retail accounts in the UK, priced at £59.99.