The ready-to-drink cocktail brand Laiba has launched a pair of products in partnership with mixologist Maxim Schulte.

Schulte is formerly of the American Bar at London’s Savoy Hotel and is now head bartender at Kol Mezcaleria in the city.

The new drinks are the Orientl Reviver and the Piña Colada Old-Fashioned, and the drinks will be sold under the banner Special Edition #01.

Schulte said: “My Laiba Special Edition reflects my experience previously in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Macau, really showcasing Asian flavours and what they can do in a cocktail.”

He added that the Oriental Reviver was a twist on “my all-time favourite classic, The Corpse Reviver No 2, invented in the American Bar”.

He said: “We have gin, a little bit of triple sec and then we have mandarin.

“The mandarin replacing the citrus is connected to my past of working for a long time in Asia and really loving the continent, the people, the culture and the flavours.

“The Piña Colada Old-Fashioned is a riff on my absolute favourite tropical summer drink.

“I say, if you don’t like a Piña Colada you have to be either allergic to coconut or pineapple.

“I love to have an amazing, refreshing Piña Colada on a hot day, but with this version you can have it literally any day.”

The drinks are £59 for six 9cl bottles from the Laiba website.

Laiba is handled in the UK by Proof Drinks.