A Hackney microbrewery has teamed up with multinational drinks giant Pernod Ricard to create a limited-edition stout aimed at the St Patrick’s Day market.

Logan Plant, owner and brewer at Beavertown craft brewery, met a man who works for Pernod Ricard’s market leading Irish whiskey brand Jameson while drinking in an east London pub.

They got talking and dreamed up a collaboration. Plant then travelled to Midleton in County Cork – the home of Jameson – where he met Ger Buckley, a fifth generation master cooper and one of only two coopers left in Ireland.

They chose the best barrels that had been used to age Jameson whisky for 18 years, and Plant took them back to London with him.

He filled them with an imperial stout and let the rich sweetness of the Jameson casks seep into the liquid.

Ger said: “Logan and I discussed the charred notes of the wood, and the flavour and warmth the whiskey casks would infuse in the stout. The casks selected were some of our rarest, having previously been used to  finish our 18 year old Jameson whiskey.”

The final product is a “bold and opulent” 9% abv stout called Ger’onimo, with a chocolate and burned salted caramel taste, rounded out by the rich, sweet warmth of the Jameson cask to create a well-balanced flavour.

Plant said: “On naming the stout, we wanted something big and bold. Working so closely with Ger we came up with Ger’onimo, meaning fearlessness, as it sums up the beer and everyone involved.”

He added: “The people at Jameson have been so supportive of us, they understand what we embody as a craft brewer and we share the same values.”

Only 3,000 bottles of the stout have been produced and they will be sold with an rrp of £10 in off-licences around east London in the run up to St Patrick’s Day.