Meantime beer has rebranded its core range as it looks to target the craft beer market.

Taking inspiration from Greenwich, where Meantime is brewed, the Asahi-owned producer has created a “new visual brand identity” that will see changes to its packaging. The new cans and bottles feature locations found in Greenwich, such as the Greenwich Observatory, the Greenwich Peninsula and Design District.

As well as altering its packaging, Meantime has changed the names of two core products – Meantime Prime Pale (previously Meantime Pale Ale) and Meantime Greenwich Lager (previously Meantime London Lager).

“Meantime’s new brand identity captures the heritage of our roots in Greenwich whilst creating a visual that reflects the vibrancy of the craft beer movement today,” said Asahi UK marketing director Sam Rhodes.

“Meantime played a central role in pioneering this,” Rhodes added.

The rebrand will be followed with a documentary spearheaded by Meantime and the Craft Beer Channel.  In the documentary, The Time Is Now, Craft Beer Channel founders Jonny Garrett and Brad Evans will explore the history of IPA with the aim to create a “new style of British IPA”.

The Time Is Now will be released later this month. Every can of Meantime IPA will feature a QR code linking to the documentary.