Popular Scottish ale brand McEwan’s has relaunched with a new look designed to broaden its appeal among customers old and new.

Scotland’s bestselling ale brand will retain the same liquid, but the new look is intended to modernise the brand.

A marketing campaign called McNificent is running in the off-trade, with POS going into 400 different supermarkets and c-stores.

It follows extensive consumer research in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

McEwan’s marketing manager Gaynor Green said: “We acquired this fabulous brand when Marston’s bought the Charles Wells brewing business last year, and we have taken a long hard look at what was right and what needed changing. The liquid is ever popular but there was a feeling that the brand hadn’t moved on. So that’s exactly what we’ve done, moved it forward, looked at what our customer’s want from beer today and responded accordingly.

“The brand identity is fresher and we have opened it up for a new audience to experience it, the McNificent campaign has a great spirit and a bit of attitude.”

The refresh has included the brand’s can and bottle variants too. McEwan’s Champion, Scotland’s number one premium bottled ale, is getting a contemporary new look and the McEwan’s Champion Whisky edition is being relaunched under a new name, McEwan’s Headspace.

Gaynor added: “A clear directive of the research feedback was that we needed to reflect the current consumer need to ‘explore’ the beer market. They felt the previous branding and name misled the consumer and didn’t given them the chance to evaluate in the context of a fast changing and growing market.”