Master of Malt has said it will postpone the introduction of duty hikes across its trade unit.  

The Master of Malt Trade division, which serves both the on- and off-trade, will not introduce the 10.1% duty rise during August. The increase came into effect at the start of the month, alongside duty reform measures.  

Master of Malt Trade flagged that inflation has already hit the drinks industry hard, with a significant increase in costs and a reduction in many people’s discretionary spending.

Justin Petszaft, Master of Malt founder, said: “What are they going to take next, our first born children? Therefore, in the spirit of retaining your children and sanity, trade customers purchasing throughout August will find their duty-related woes (at least with us) unexpectedly eased just a little bit.

“During the COVID pandemic, we raised hundreds of thousands of pounds (by adding £1 to every order) for Hospitality Action UK to help people struggling in the hospitality industry. It’s that same spirit of wanting to help out which is driving this decision.”

Master of Malt Trade joins the likes of Hallgarten & Novum Wines, which is offering the old rates of duty on 148 still wines for those ordering between five and 100 cases during August. The Wine Society said it would absorb increases until October.