Master of Malt has reported it is seeing high demand for liqueurs and tasting sets.

The online retailer said it has seen a “soaring interest” in liqueurs and liqueur-type drinks, which it said are usually associated with holiday imbibing. The category has seen sales soar by almost 500% and the retailer has also noticed some changes in which liqueurs consumers are choosing to buy.

April 2019’s top sellers were liqueurs with unusual flavours such as unicorn tears, cake and sweet shop flavours, whereas this year consumers favoured Aperol, Cointreau and Ricard Pastis.

Tasting sets are also in high demand, and the retailer noted Google Trends search data for the UK also shows the term “tasting set” has soared in popularity over the last 90 days.

Whisky ranks the top for these, followed by gin, with rum also performing well, it said.

“And the start of the upward momentum came in the middle of April. Could it be down to a desire to get more creative with those Zoom catch-ups?”, the retailer said.

It started to see an uptick in Father’s Day shopping from the end of April, even though the occasion isn’t until mid-June. The product leading the way was its own Father’s Day Whisky Tasting Set, filled with five different 3cl expressions.

Rum is also seeing a significant uplift, the retailer said.

“We have had our eye on flavoured rum for a while, but up until now, it has been pretty “spiced-centric”. Not we are seeing a proliferation of other flavour variants make waves in our best-selling list, most notably caramel. And sweet-toothed shoppers will continue to influence our rum chat. Other flavours making waves including pineapple, banana and coconut. Will unflavoured variants (and in many people’s view, ‘real rums’) make a comeback? We don’t foresee it this side of summer.”