Marussia Beverages plans to launch its premium Japanese spirits portfolio in the UK at the Think Spirits event, which will now take place September 15, 2020. The company has also announced it has acquired Itkulsky distillery, which produces the super-premium Mamont Vodka.

Marussia will launch the Japanese spirits: 135 East Gin and Hatozaki Whisky, at the Think Spirits event in September 2020, which is organised by Drinks Retailing News.

Akashi Tai Sake from Marussia’s Japanese portfolio will also have a big presence as the company is a Hub Partner with the full Japanese portfolio. Other Marussia Beverage brands and its third-party brands will also be present at Think Spirits.

The Think Spirits events combines all of DRN’s Think events into a fully immersive day of debates, workshops, masterclasses, insight and tastings all dedicated to the world of spirits.

Marussia has also recently acquired the Itkulsky distillery, which will enable it to double vodka brand Mamont’s share of the Russian market.

Mamont is produced in small batches and packaged in an iconic tusk-shaped bottle, inspired by the discovery of the Great Yukagir Mammoth found in Arctic Siberia, having spent 18,000 years in the ice.

Mamont is now sold in 35 countries and in 2019 sales globally reached approximately 30,000 cases.

In the UK Mamont has a national listing with Revolution Bars and forms a key ingredient in its Rock Star Martini.