Martini has launched a 0.0% abv tipple called Dolce to meet growing consumer demand for alcohol-free drinks for adults.

The sparkler aims to retain the flavour present in its sparkling wine and it has already gained a listing at Morrisons, where it will retail for £6. The plan is to roll it out across the wider off-trade later this year.

Marco Mazzini, global director for Martini at brand owner Bacardi, said: “All our efforts have been focused into the taste of the product, as many people love the refreshing flavours that our sparkling wine portfolio bring to the table.

“All the skills of Martini winemakers were harnessed to produce the very best grapes from Northern Italy’s premium wine growing regions to produce the Martini 0.0% Dolce.

“With the low/no trend reaching new heights, it caters to those who are looking into moderating their alcohol consumption – without compromising on taste.”

The producer has also launched Martini Asti Ice, which is designed to be drunk over ice and is available at Asda and Ocado for £9.

Mazzini said: “Martini Asti, which represents nearly 50% of the Asti category, is often associated with winter get togethers, such as Christmas and New Year.

“The winemakers wanted to open up the category, givingconsumers the opportunity to enjoy a delightful summer treat during informal occasions with friends and family. We hope that the Martini Asti Ice will appeal to a wide range of adults all across the UK in the summer months and beyond.”