Martini has announced its ‘Unbottling Martini’ visual campaign which features images created by artificial intelligence software. 

The Bacardi-owned brand has shared nine images as part of the campaign, each of which were produced by feeding descriptive text into Midjourney’s AI platform to generate a visual representation of the nine Martini serves. To create a “unique interpretation” of Martini’s products, the AI platform was provided with the key ingredients found in the drinks, resulting in images that illustrate the prominent flavours in each serve.

The images depict a variety of Martini-based beverages such as a Negroni Sbagliato and a non-alcoholic Martini Vibrante & tonic.

Avril Nunez, Martini’s global creative development director, said the campaign marks a new era for the brand as it looks to educate consumers about Martini’s flavour profile:  “With this new suite of digitally-forward images, we’re looking to the future, using brand new technology to open up the world of Martini, showing consumers what goes into each and every bottle.”