Cognac house Martell is to link-up with the gaming platform The Sandbox to create what is calls “a new immersive experience”.

Martell’s digital world will launch in The Sandbox later this year in a move which it said would help it to “find new ways of engaging with consumers about its rich heritage and celebrated Cognacs”.

The evolving content will include games and challenges, a marketplace for limited editions, collectible NFTs and exclusive live events.

There will be virtual opportunities to meet figures from Martell’s past and present, including founder Jean Martell, his wife Rachel Martell and current cellarmaster Christophe Valtaud.

Martell is also partnering with gaming community platform Discord to launch a branded Maison Martell computer server which it said would give users the chance to interact with like-minded people and gain access to exclusive news and announcements.

The Sandbox is a community-driven gaming platform that allows participating creators to monetise assets and gaming experiences on a blockchain, allowing them to benefit from their creations.

César Giron, chairman & chief executive of Maison Martell, said: “We have long been a house that isn’t afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo of how things should be done, and the opening of the Maison Martell world in The Sandbox represents a landmark occasion.

“As we look towards a future of new beginnings driven by digital innovation, this digital world offers the opportunity to reimagine Maison Martell’s rich heritage by bringing our unique universe to life digitally and allowing consumers to feel more connected to the brand than ever before.”

Marketing director Richard Black added: “The metaverse environment allows almost limitless creativity and we aim to leverage this to empower the Sandbox community to shape their own virtual legacies, supported by the unique opportunities and benefits that we have specially created for visitors to the Maison Martell virtual world.”

Martell will be launching in The Sandbox in the last quarter of 2022.