Mangrove UK has appointed Joel Defries as head of marketing.

Defries, formerly marketing and brand manager at the boutique Our/London vodka distillery in Hackney, will now be responsible for leading Mangrove UK’s marketing strategy and building brand identity and visibility in key markets.

Nick Gillett, managing director, said: “I have had huge respect for the work Joel has done at Our/London building a disruptive brand that is focused on its sense of community. Anchored by its strong roots and local partnerships, the brand has grown to be stocked by over 400 accounts nationwide.

“Team Purple is made up of some of the sharpest and most innovative minds in the industry – we welcome Joel’s fresh and exciting thinking, to drive our marketing strategy forward, maximising benefit for both our premium spirits brands and our own market position in the industry.”

Defries said: “Mangrove UK is at a hugely exciting time in its evolution: it’s brands are very high quality, sexy and cutting edge, yet all with a clear commitment to try and make the world better a better place. These are all qualities that I really admire, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to further invigorate the brands. I can promise an injection of funny…ish jokes, disruptive thinking and unique dress sense!”

The premium spirits importer and distributor has enjoyed five years of continuous growth and it manages more than 20 premium glkobal drinks brands in the UK, across whisky, vodka, rum, pisco, cognac and liqueurs.