Malibu rum has collaborated with Aries streetwear to create a limited-edition collection of clothing, with accompanying imagery created by AI.

The collection features six items with Malibu branding, which are available online and from Aries’ flagship Soho store.

To promote the collaboration, the Pernod Ricard-owned brand has created a series of AI-generated campaign materials, such as images and videos, in partnership with Aries and AI expert Omar Karim.

Tad Greenough, global chief creative officer at The Absolut Company – Pernod’s spirits marketing wing, said the brand is looking to attract consumer interest with “unexpected collabs” such as the collection with Aries.

Speaking of the AI aspect, Greenough said: “We think [AI] has unlimited potential to push creativity forward…The work itself is a true first for Malibu.”