There’s no doubt Valentine’s Day presents a lucrative opportunity to boost sales and create memorable experiences for customers. Here, Drinks Retailing explores some strategies you can use to pull on both the heart strings and the purse strings 

Whether you’re in the love club or you want to club love over the head, February 14 is big business for the drinks industry. 

Special-edition bottles, romantic label designs or bundled packages with complimentary treats can make drinks stand out and attract those looking for Valentine’s gifts. And offering discounts or promotions on popular Valentine’s drinks can entice customers to make celebratory purchases. 

“It’s a highly competitive time so consumers are on the lookout for products and gifts that offer something unique, out of the ordinary and bring the wow factor,” says Tim Dunlop, European commercial director at drinks company Biggar & Leith. 

“Gift packs are great as planned or impulse purchases, for gifting to a loved one, and for taking to a family celebration or romantic dinner in the home. They’re sure to bring a sense of occasion and luxury and delight the recipient on opening.” 


You could also consider creating Valentine’s Day-themed displays – not just in the shop but also on online platforms, including your social media accounts. Additionally, gift-wrapping services or customisable packaging options can make life more convenient for customers who are looking for personalised gifts. 

At Amathus Drinks’ Soho branch, an engraving service for bottles purchased in the store and online costs £10 per bottle. “Personalisation for gifted bottles elevates the experience for both buyer and recipient, transforming the beverage of choice into a unique memento that can be kept past the longevity of the contents,” says Tom Miller, commercial director at Amathus Drinks. “This has proved to be a success with more than 600 bottles being engraved during the 12 weeks to Christmas.” 

Miller says personal touches have included images, a special date, a sentimental quote or a heartfelt message to the person receiving the bottle. “Consumers use this service across occasions, as well as for corporate gifting,” adds Miller. “By including a bespoke personalisation, the gift is marked as a lasting reminder of the occasion, increasing the personal value, and creating a lasting and memorable impact.” 

Besides personalisation, collaborations with local businesses, such as florists or chocolatiers, can enhance the overall shopping experience. Creating exclusive partnerships to offer joint promotions or bundles can attract a wider customer base and add value. 

Cross-promotions can also be extended to include online marketing campaigns and social media collaborations to reach a broader audience. And if you’re using Instagram, don’t forget to use the collaboration tool to maximise reach for both businesses.