Burgundy has had a number of difficult harvests but 2020 could be a huge year for fans of this wine region, according to Majestic Wine buyer, Nadia Williamson.

In this concluding part of DRN’s series of articles about Majestic’s 2020 range review, Williamson explains why consumers will need to be “savvier than ever” to find the real sweet spots from Burgundy.

In 2019 the region broke records for both market share and prices, following a sharp rise over the previous decade. In particular, the price of Grand Crus has climbed a staggering 168.8% since 2010, according to Liv-ex’s latest Burgundy report. It also grew market share from 1% to 14.5% during this time.

So, while global demand and interest still grows, Williamson explains that Majestic has been working with a close-knit group of suppliers to help its customers find the real value in Burgundy, and it has introduced a wave of new wines to support this mission.

She says: “Burgundy is a heartland category for Majestic and a huge customer favourite. The review of this category felt long overdue, with much of our range reliant on historic successes, rather than embracing some new horizons which clearly the market is embracing.

“It was noticeable when I approached this review that many of our suppliers were keen to work with us to help tell the stories beyond the big names, and to work with us to expand the variety of the range. After some difficult harvests, this was particularly important.”

Alongside some of the new regions brought into Majestic shelves, the retailer pointed to areas like the Hautes Côtes as one to watch to meet demand as yields elsewhere fail to keep up.

It will also be adding two brand new Definition wines to its range, including a Mâcon- Village and a Bourgogne Blanc, which it describes as “key Majestic customer staples”.

Williamson says: “Having strong supplier relationships is vital to unravelling Burgundy, and we are working with them to add more lines and variety across the board to meet demand.

“Alongside long-term relationships with producers like Christophe Cordier, we have sought out new wineries such as Edouard Delaunay who has recently revived its historic family business and Domaine Rijckaert’s Florent Rouve, an emerging talent now fully managing his own cellars in both the Macon and Jura.

“Plus, as with the Loire, you will be seeing more vegan lines – including the new Definition lines. It’s been a range review I have loved conducting and the result is a range I am sure our customers will love.”

Some of the new additions from Burgundy are: Domaine Rijckaert F. Rouve Viré-Clessé (£14.99 for Mix Six or £16.99 per bottle); Collovray & Terrier Saint-Véran (£14.99 for Mix Six or £16.99 per bottle); Edouard Delaunay Septembre Chardonnay (£10.99 for Mix Six or £12.99 per bottle); Edouard Delaunay Septembre Pinot Noir (£12.99 for Mix Six or £14.99 per bottle).