Majestic Wine’s managing director Joshua Lincoln has written to all customers in a bid “explain the big picture” beyond today’s headlines. 

“Firstly it is important to tell you what isn’t changing,” he said. “We will still be a face to face wine retailer, staffed by friendly, knowledgeable people who take great pride in helping you find wines you’re going to love. The stores may evolve, the name may move on, but what makes us special won’t be going anywhere.

“You can still order online, through your branch or pop in and see us. It’s still us, with your favourite bottle on hand.”

He then went on to shed some light on the changes that will occur.

“The truth is the way you buy wine has moved on, and it’s time we did too,” he said. “Shopping for wine is incredibly different to how it was in the 1980s, when Majestic first began.

“So on the one hand we’re getting back to our roots, what made Majestic great back in the day, and we’re merging that with what wine lovers like you enjoy at Naked. It’s about bringing you the best of both companies; the experience, wines and people of Majestic with the ethos, community and support for independent winemakers of Naked. That means supporting real winemakers by selling real wines. We’re really excited about this.

“We also promise there will be: more tastings, more personalised service and more ways to find your next favourite wine. A specialist wine range – like the one which made Majestic famous in the first place.

“Finally, we know you love wine, but don’t always love shopping for wine. So we want to make it easier for you to find wines that you will love – and let you have them when you want.

“We’re still working on the final vision – and would love to hear your views. This has all come about because of what you have told us you want to see. Majestic, we think, is a pretty special place – and we want to evolve it to make it even better. Let me know your thoughts –

“Thanks for taking the time to keep up to date with Majestic. We can’t wait to keep sharing our journey, our stories and, above all, our wine with you.”