Majestic wine has found that temperatures above 26°C are likely to boost rosé sales in retailers.

With temperatures expected to exceed 30°C, Majestic analysed sales from previous years to pinpoint when “rosé is most likely to be the drink of choice” among Brits. From May 26 to June 1 2020, Majestic noted a “record number” of rosé sales as the UK saw a heatwave.

The retailer suggested that this coming weekend could see an “even bigger peak for pink” as rosé has proven a popular summer drink among consumers. In line with previous years, rosé is expected to surpass white and red sales as temperatures rise above 26°C.

In terms of style, Majestic said interest in “lighter, softer”  rosé has “boomed in popularity” in recent years, as consumers move away from dark, sweet pinks. It also highlighted a greater level of rosé diversity in UK retailers, with wine offerings from a wider variety of countries compared to previous years.