Majestic Wine is beginning the process of rolling out a new logo following the results of a staff vote.

The new design was the clear winner, taking first place in the vote by a winning margin of almost 75%.

The new roundall has been designed for Majestic to be in keeping with its historic logo – but with bolder, defined colouring for digital platforms. The result was also confirmed by the public through a series of social media votes and customer focus groups. 

The revamped grapes design will replace the wine glass motif across Majestic’s online channels, including on a new website which will launch in mid-October. The change in look will also mean a number of stores will need to be returned to original branding before a full roll.

Majestic revealed the decision behind the re-rebrand came from a series of customer focus groups, where the glass logo was described as “cheap” and “not the recognisably the Majestic we know or love”. The feedback prompted a move back towards the branding most often associated with the retailer, including a version of the grape logo which had been their emblem from 1990 to 2018. 

Speaking after the vote, Majestic’s chief executive, John Colley said: “I am delighted to finally be able to rubber stamp our new logo and begin the process of rolling it out to our stores, new websites, vans, chiller bins – and everything in between! I’d really like to thank everyone who took part in this exercise to make sure we get it right for our colleagues and customers.

“For me, a rebrand should be part of an evolution – not revolution. We were perhaps guilty of moving too fast and too far away from what our customers recognised and loved about our old look. I’m particularly excited to see the new logo on our two new stores in Henley and Beckenham opening later this year. It’s an exciting new identity as we develop our next chapter!”