Majestic has lined up a national Christmas TV campaign, as it looks to make staff into “on-screen stars”.

The ad, which is the company’s first ever Christmas campaign, and first commercial in around ten years, is set in one of Majestic’s new stores. The activation is part of a wider campaign including radio, billboards and digital.

“Whenever we speak to our customers and ask them what they love about Majestic, they always say their store teams,” said Majestic customer director, Matthew Gaunt, whose shopping trip inspired the ad. “So when we came to create our Christmas campaign, we wanted to really celebrate and shout-about those Majestic moments. People love their local stores, the expert advice they get in there and the un-stuffy experience they have. That’s what shopping for wine should be – and that’s what we wanted to showcase in our first ad for many years”. 

Majestic store manager, and one of the stars of the advert, Simone Amato added: “I think it’s so important to show the human side of the business, the experience our customers get and the way we interact with them. We know this Christmas our customers are really going to want to spoil themselves after another difficult year. So, whilst I can’t wait to see myself on screen, I’m looking forward to having those face-to-face interactions even more.”