Spanish brewer Mahou San Miguel has launched a challenge to start-up businesses worldwide to create “the drink of the future”.

The company is launching the Rethink Your Drink Challenge through its Barlab Ventures project, in partnership with the global food tech accelerator Eatable Adventures.

The winners will be invited to create a product test with Mahou’s own team of experts.

Mahou said it was looking for a “a differential, sustainable and innovative proposal that generates a transformative impact on the traditional beverage industry”.

Miguel Ángel Miguel, general manager of transformation at Mahou, said: “Barlab Ventures allows us to unite two of our main commitments: to leverage the possibilities that technology offers in order to provide innovative solutions to new challenges of the beverage sector, as well as strengthening collaboration with other organisations to drive their transformation. 

“We are convinced that through this project we will be able to share with entrepreneurs a common perspective to make bars, restaurants, distributors and the rest of our value chain strengthen their collaboration towards generating wealth, based on aspects such as excellence, innovation, and sustainability.”

Eatable Adventures chief executive José Luis Cabañero added: “The beverage sector offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-ups who seek to offer alternative and innovative solutions to consumers, responding to the current reality but, above all, to the challenges of the future.”