Swedish spirits producer Mackmyra has invested in creating a subsidiary company in order to fully introduce its brands to the UK market.

The subsidiary – Mackmyra Swedish Whisky – is based in the UK, and it has a new team of staff dedicated to marketing the company’s entire product portfolio to British consumers.  

Magnus Dandanell, director of Mackmyra Swedish Whisky, said: “It is going to be fascinating to follow progress in the UK now that we have finally been able to launch sales here. We are seeing considerable demand among UK consumers, but frustratingly it has been difficult to offer Mackmyra’s entire product range via British importers without it being far too expensive and complicated for the consumer. That is now changing.”

The brand has already built up a good reputation in the UK, despite limited distribution to date. 

Archie McDiarmid, manager at Luvians whisky shop in St Andrew’s, said: “We sell a lot of Mackmyra, because they’ve come in and done tastings and workshops and put whisky in the glass.” He said it particularly appeals to younger adults, as it is a quality product that tastes good, and consumers feel comfortable about trying it due to the approachable packaging.

Joe Boxall, group bars manager at whisky specialist Boisdale, added: “Mackmyra does a superb job of presenting their whisky in a bright, modern, accessible way, while still talking about the spirit.”

Mackmyra kickstarted its Swedish whisky journey in 1999. Its whisky is created using Swedish raw materials, and using environmentally-friendly distillation technology. The company produces single malt whiskies and it offers whisky experiences and the ability to create your own personalised whisky with a personal 30-litre cask product. Swedish craft distilled gin has also been available since 2017 via another distillery, Mackmyra Lab Distillery.