Mackmyra has partnered with rum producer Plantation Rum to develop a new single malt whisky.

Moment Karibien, which is finally aged in rum casks from Barbados and Jamaica, is described as a “spicy and fruity whisky”.

The drink is a long-awaited follow-up to the seasonal whisky, Mackmyra Vinterdrom, which was launched in Autumn 2017.

Angela D’Orazio, master blender at Mackmyra, and Alexandre Gabriel, the founder and cellarmaster of Plantations Rum, collaborated to create the final blend.

D’Orazio said: “We are absolutely delighted and proud of the long-term working relationship with Alexandre and Plantation Rum, which we began four years ago. Together, we develop new ideas and unique combinations of flavours for both whisky and rum. Moment Karibien may be one of the best ideas we have had so far.”

Around 75% of this edition has been finally aged in casks previously used to mature Plantation’s Barbados and Jamaican Rum. Moment Karibien also features small amounts of whisky aged in barrels formerly used for oloroso and cherry wine. The different casks used to age this whisky are between eight and twelve years old.

Gabriel said: “What started out as a simple exchange of barrels has now developed into something much more; the start of a genuine friendship between Maison Ferrand and Mackmyra encompassing the exchange of ideas, creativity and innovation. Barrel Swap is a programme in which we exchange barrels with producers we admire. Each new version is an adventure for us, a collation of savour-faire in creating new expressions for our rum.

“We are extremely proud of our seven-year-old Barbados Single Cask Rum – recently launched at Systembolaget – which is matured in Mackmyra’s Moment casks, and we are just as proud that Mackmyra is now introducing whisky that has been finally aged in our fine rum barrels.”

The taste of Moment Karibien is described as “spicy and fruity, with warm notes of rum, oloroso and oaky vanilla”.