The Macallan has increased its dominance over the rare Scotch whisky auction market and now accounts for 29% of sales at Rare Whisky 101.

The broker almost doubled its sales to an all-time high of £11.2 million in H1 of 2017 and Macallan is driving the growth.

In 2015 it accounted for 10.3% of value sales and that rose to 21.9% in 2016 before climbing to 29% in the first half of 2017. Its volume share stands at just 12.7%, showing it fetches a massive premium compared to other brands.

The most expensive bottle sold this year was a 50-year-old Macallan in Lalique, which fetched £65,210, a huge rise on the previous best of £17,000, set in 2015.

The average bottle price at Rare Whisky 101 has now risen to a record £241.87, while volume sales are up 47%.

Scotch is outperforming Japanese whisky, but a bottle of Karuizawa 1960 was sold for £100,100 in April 2017.