Thousands of guests at the upcoming London Wine Fair will receive a copy of a report called Carpe Vinum that investigates the challenges faced with attracting 18 to 35-year-olds to wine.

The Wine Intelligence report will argue that this age bracket accounts for a quarter of wine sales but has “an overall lack of engagement with wine”.

The topics it will cover are: buying channels, key influences in buying behaviour, including social media, technology, discounting and peer groups, wine cues and spend.

Each exhibitor and the first 1,000 guests through the door each day will be given a hard copy.

Event director Ross Carter said: “Whilst the core of the London Wine Fair will always be the three day event, we have committed to adding value to the UK wine industry beyond this, to both our exhibitors and visitors. Investing in a long-term proposition like Carpe Vinum will do just that with insight that will be crucial to any wine company looking for a sustainable future in the U.K.”

Richard Halstead, chief operating officer at Wine Intelligence, added: “Our research shows that wine has a great opportunity to engage with the next generation of consumers in the U.K.

“Generation Y loves authenticity, good stories, and the opportunity to learn and explore. Unfortunately there are a number of other drinks categories which are doing a better job than wine, and our findings suggest that there is a real danger that we are losing touch with our consumers of the future.”

The report is sponsored by Cobevco and marketing director Gillian Walters said: “The Carpe Vinum report provides a unique insight into the changing preferences and habits of the next generation of consumers now, which is vital in shaping the future direction of the industry.”