Love Drinks has added two limited-edition Swedish gins from craft distiller Herno.

The 50cl newcomers comprise a smoky Herno Sipping Gin #1.3 ex-Ardbeg Casks and a Herno Blackcurrant Gin.

Samantha Burke, managing director, Love Drinks, said: “With an incredible reputation around the world for its quality and innovation, Herno continues to lead the way when it comes to unique craft gins that really capture the imagination of mixologists and consumers alike. Even in the face of a fierce and competitive category, Herno goes from strength to strength, so we are excited to bring Jon’s latest creations to the UK.”

The Sipping Gin is the result of a unique project by Herno to strengthen the tourism in their region. Each year Herno Gin is cask-matured in casks previsouly used to age and refine other drinks.

Herno Blackcurrant Gin is infused with “bucketfuls” of ripe blackcurrant berries, which have matured for a couple of days before being pressed and finally sweetened to enhance the flavours of the fruit.

The Herno Gin Distillery was set up in 2011 by Jon Hillgren, who had recently discovered gin after a few years of living in London. At the time it was Sweden’s first dedicated gin distillery and the world’s most northernmost gin distillery.