Vermouth brand El Bandarra is introducing “Barcelona’s latest obsession” into the UK.

The Vermut Rosé joins a red and a white in the El Banderra range. The newcomer is described as being the lightest and freshest of the trio, and it contains 30% less sugar.

It is made using locally grown and harvested Rosé Grenache, macerated red frtui and fresh herbs, including thyme and rosemary. It comes in a one-litre swing top bottle, with an rrp of £22.

The signature Barcelona serve is straight up over ice, with olives and a slice. In addition, a new Bandarra Rosé & Tonic (B&T) has also been created for the summer launch.

Alex Virgili, El Bandarra’s co-founder, said: “We won’t rest until vermut is being celebrated across the world so we have a lot of big plans to continue stealing more drinkers away from other drinks categories and to ensure the vermouth category is the most exciting around. Our unique Vermut fountain is on its way to the UK, the Vermouth Van is good to go and this new Rosé, which has been two years in the making, is the cherry on top! Sweet, refreshing and so very moreish, it’s going to be huge”

Love Drinks’ Founder Kirsty Loveday said: “As a company we love to challenge the status quo and disrupt so it’s fantastic to work with likeminded spirits such as the El Bandarra crew. They are doing a brilliant job showcasing vermouth as the fun adventurous drink that it is, so we’re so excited about the summer ahead.

“The new Rosé is a brilliant example of El Bandarra’s innovative team and further strengthens our offering as the buzz for vermouth and all things pink increases.”

El Bandarra was created by the Virgili brothers, the sixth generation from the Casa Berger Winery, which was set up in 1878 to the west of Barcelona and is one of the oldest wineries in Spain.