Love Drinks is adding a non-alcoholic bottled gin and tonic in to its portfolio.

The Duchess is a bottled virgin gin and tonic that tails from South Africa. The drink, which was launched in its homeland in September 2016, is crafted with aromatic botanical extracts to create an elegant sugar-free alternative to alcohol. It is re-distilled with juniper berries and botanically-infused water. It is described as having a distinct gin and tonic taste, blended with aromatic layers of orange peel, Allspice, Star Anise, cloves and cardamom.

Johannes Le Roux, co-founder of The Duchess, said: “The Duchess was created for the conscious consumer – the healthy and discerning individual. Whether at a business lunch of being the designated driver, for personal or religious reasons. In South Africa, as with the UK, more and more people are choosing alcohol-free options, but don’t want drinks that have a high sugar content. Creating an alcohol and sugar –free drink addresses this need.

“Obviously the taste was the number one priority – the drink had to taste exactly like an alcoholic version of a gin and tonic – and we tried many variants before going with the liquid we have now. One of our secret ingredients is the botanicals that we add to the tonic water – the botanicals were formulated by my aunt, a local botanist, who often experiments with herbs and botanicals found I South Africa. Once she added a few drops of the botanicals, we know that the flavour was perfect.

Kirsty Loveday, chief executive of Love Drinks, said: “Increasingly, we are seeing that people are becoming sober curious. According to a report by the Office of National Statistics launched this year, the proportion of men and women aged between 25 and 44 who don’t drink has increased by more than 47% over a ten-year period.

“At Love Drinks we felt that there was an opportunity to bring into our portfolio a great tasting drink that addressed that rise. Once we tried The Duchess, we knew that it would be a perfect addition and a viable option for those choosing not to drink alcohol, whatever their reason.”