London’s only sake producer has launched its first ultra-premium sake.

Kiku, which means ‘hear’ in Japanese, is a limited edition sake, and the first in its ‘No Evil’ ultra-premium series.

Kanpai, the Peckham-based sake brewery, said half of the 260-strong limited edition batch, have already been pre-reserved.

Kiku will be launched at the producer’s Tokyo Kitchen Pop Up Dinner at the brewery’s taproom this weekend.

Co-founder, Lucy Wilson, said: “Kiku was created to showcase an alternative characterful style of premium sake that has uncompromised flavour and bold amino acidity.

 “This jizake (craft sake) flies in the face of typical ginjo styles with its versatility in serving temperatures and food pairing – enjoy at 50C or 10C with risotto, roast or ramen.”

Kanpai craft modern London-style sakes are made using traditional Japanese techniques.

Co-founders Tom and Lucy Wilson fell in love with sake in Japan some years ago and this turned into a hobby, eventually leading to the launch of the UK’s first sake brewery.